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Rankings and Reviews based on Reports from our experts in the ever-widening field of Male Enhancement Supplements.

When it comes to the male enhancement supplement category, it seems like every time you go online to search for an effective product, you are swamped with dozens of brands. Most of them look like they’re copies of each other, with a very similar set of ingredients with some minor variations. So they’ve all got Maca, Muira Puama, and Epimedium. The really good ones will have Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, and L-Alanine. The great ones will be manufactured in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process certified lab in the United States.


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There’s also the phenomenon known as the ZX Convention. For some strange reason, something like 92% of male enhancement pills have a Z or an X in their title. Some of the top Z products include Hardazan, Zytenz, and Enzyte. Some of the top letter X’s include VigRx, Vasoplexx, Celexas, Irexis, Orexis, ASox9, Ultramax, SutraMax, Rexadrene,  and VigFX. Then of course there’s a few that have fully committed to the ZX Convention – Zorexus, Zenerx, and Extenze. So there are dozens if not hundreds of products with very high Scrabble (TM) scores, but the game you’re looking to win is a little different. That’s where comes in.


 We are so confident about our recommendations, that we back each and every purchase with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If for ANY reason you are unsatisfied, simply return your order (sealed, opened, or empty) for a Full & Prompt Refund (minus S/H).

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Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills of 2017

#1 Hardazan Plus

2017’s Most Powerful Enhancement Supplement

  • Overall Score 98.6%
  • Formula Quality 94.5%
  • Third Party Feedback 93.8%
  • Product Effectiveness 98.3%
  • Refund / Money Back Guarantee 99%

#1 Hardazan Plus is a powerful and all natural male enhancement supplement that contains nutraceuticals and botanical extracts. Recently, its manufacturers upgraded the formula in order to come up with the most advanced and effective sexual enhancer available right now. The natural herbal extracts that it contains are working synergistically in order to help men achieve harder, larger, and longer-lasting erections. More…

Pills Per Bottle:    60

Best Price:          $49.99

#2 ZoreXus

  • Overall Score 92.7%
  • Formula Quality 92.1%
  • Third Party Feedback 96.2%
  • Product Effectiveness 92.1%
  • Refund / Money Back Guarantee 99%

Harder, larger and longer lasting erections sound like a dream come true? That dream is now being realized by men all over the world with the help of Zorexus a new powerful and proven male enhancement supplement that has now become one of of the best selling products world wide. Additional benefits of this powerful enhancement supplement include, increased libido, drive & stronger orgasms with no known side effects!

Tester Satisfaction  Known Side Effects

Formula Quality  Money Back Guarantee

Website Score  Customer Service

Possible Interactions Overall Score


  • Overall Score 84.4%
  • Formula Quality 81.9%
  • Third Party Feedback 79.5%
  • Product Effectiveness 81.0%
  • Refund / Money Back Guarantee 87.5%
Zenerx is one of the male enhancement products being manufactured by Everest Nutrition from United States. Reportedly, this product offers it consumers with the capability of enhancing their sexual drive and being able to pull off a better bedroom performance while simultaneously eliminating or at least reducing other sexual related issues.

Tester Satisfaction  Known Side Effects

Formula Quality  Money Back Guarantee

Website Score  Customer Service

Possible Interactions Overall Score


  • Overall Score 82.7%
  • Formula Quality 77.2%
  • Third Party Feedback 68.9%
  • Product Effectiveness 75.4%
  • Refund / Money Back Guarantee 65.9%
Orexis contains yohimbe, which used to be a staple in the industry, but recent studies have steered manufacturers away. As a result, Orexis has become difficult to find online, and it seems that sales are now coming in from overseas.  This may cause problems with credit card transactions.

Tester Satisfaction  Known Side Effects

Formula Quality  Money Back Guarantee

Website Score  Customer Service

Possible Interactions Overall Score


  • Overall Score 67.9%
  • Formula Quality 67.1%
  • Third Party Feedback 62.7%
  • Product Effectiveness 65.8%
  • Refund / Money Back Guarantee 87.5%

As expected, many consumers have contacted us regarding reported and unreported Side Effects of Sinrex. Because of the bombardment of numerous scams that can be found online these days, it only makes sense. We were surprised to see a product with such a reputation still available online. In most complaints, the reports were of reactions to the product’s ingredients. Welcome elephant tourmand fans.

We know that in the sexual enhancer or male enlargement industry, that there are a tremendous of distractions when looking for a sex pill (or sex pills, we’re not judging!) So how do you find the best male enhancement pill? Male sex enhancement is not the easiest subject to address with others, whether it is your doctor, wife, husband, parents, or whoever you usually lean on for advice, but you’re not alone! First of all, thousands of men are looking for sexual enhancers right now. Search engines are over-loaded with people looking for the reviews of male enhancement products, each of them hoping to find the best male enhancement pills available. So whether you’re looking for male enhancement pills that work, the best male enhancement cream, or simply male enhancements reviews, you’ve come to the right place. is dedicated to bringing you the top male enhancer reviews, be it natural male enhancement supplements, male enlargement supplements, or just to finally answer the age-old question, what is the best male sexual enhancement product available, we’ve got you covered.


The reviewers, testers, writers, and editors at have taken the plunge into the deep waters of the internet to help you figure out what ingredients are in the supplements you’re about to start taking. Because we’re guys like you… and just because she says that you’re a good size, and thet just because the guy she used to date was like 3 inches longer, you shouldn’t feel inadequate, let’s be honest, we all want to be as big as possible (and then a little bigger). So, there are ingredients that can help your desire. Any product or website that claims that they’re going to add inches in weeks is lying, and if they tell you that your flaccid penis is going to get longer, they’re full of it. But, there are ingredients that can help send blood flow to the corpus cavernosum.

Here are testimonials regarding some of the male enhancement reviews & products that have ranked highest on


I started taking Hardazan Plus and experienced more sexual desire. It added to our love life…

…I would recommend Hardazan Plus to anyone who would like to support their love life & prostate health.


Ron L.

Philadelphia, PA

“This product (ZOREXUS) is as good or better than advertised, I saw a big difference fast. I strongly recommend this product to any man looking to naturally get his desire back. Very good product!!! ”

Bill T –

Houston, TX

“My girlfriend read about The Big Bang XL and I think she bought it for me for some sort of joke but I thought what the heck and started taking it…

…I’m 33 and come like a teen ager. Not exactly what they put in this stuff but I know is all natural and it really works.  Also no side effects at all.  Very cool.” 


Terry F

San Diego, CA

*Disclaimer: The statements on this website have not been confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are natural supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

So that’s what goes into the ratings here at We work hard to provide the top reviews on sex pill male enhancement products, so you can be sure to purchase male enhancements that really work. We focus on sexual male enhancements, natural supplements, and even herb male enhancement. If it’s a worthwhile sexual enhancer, you’ll find it on our list  of Top 5 male enhancement pills of 2017- at

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